Kravitz and Henry 

Dry Skin and Dermatitis
Dry skin is a common problem for people living in Northern Virginia. Most homes have “forced hot air” heating systems. During the winter months, these systems remove humidity from the air adding to the problem of dry skin.

Dry skin can occur at any age and for many reasons. In general, the skin becomes drier with age, during winter months and in low humidity climates. Skin is dry because it lacks water or oil. All treatments aim to replace water in skin. Dry skin is itchy, causes people to scratch, produces dermatitis or eczema and may lead to local infections of the skin.


1. Take brief baths and showers.

2. Avoid hot water

3. Use mild soaps

4. Moisturize immediately after bathing

5. A home humidifier in the furnace that is well maintained

6. Avoid multiple showers each day

7. Moisturizing lotions in a pump or bottle spread better than thick creams

8. Cotton clothes usually are more comfortable than pure wools