Kravitz and Henry 

Excisional Surgery

Instructions for Post-Operative Wound Care:

1. After 48 hours, cleanse wound with 3% Hydrogen Peroxide.  Use Q-tips 
    or saturated cotton balls.

2. Dry wound and liberally apply Bacitracin ointment or Polysporin ointment  
    or Neosporin ointment,  If a rash or an itch develops, discontinue the  

3. Cover with a bandaid. Change dressing daily.

4. Keep dressing dry.


5. Buy the new Johnson and Johnson Advanced Healing Bandaids 
    (Blue/silver box, multi day on label)  Best for broad open wounds, not for 
    sutured wounds)

               10/box          6/box             4/box

    This bandaid can stay on for 3-4 days.  Not necessary to change after  
    shower.  No ointment needed. If area seems moist, wipe with tissue.

6. Call my office if pain, itching, swelling, pus or increasing redness    
    occurs.  Call if you have any questions.

7. Call the office in 5 days for the results of your pathology - biopsy report. 
    If you desire a copy of the report, please request one.

8. Return to the office in _______ days for a suture removal.

9. If BLEEDING occurs, apply 20 minutes of constant pressure.  A fresh  
    bandage may then be applied.  taping a bandaid or bandage may   
    enhance pressure to the wound.