Kravitz and Henry 

Skin Care Basics
1. Discard old, used beauty products.
Replace mascara every three months after opening.

2. Stop smoking.
Nonsmokers generally have younger looking skin.

3. Unhand those pimples.
Touching can lead to scars and dark marks.

4. More sleep, less stress.
Stresssed skin recovers more slowly.

5. Wear sunscreen. See sunscreen sheet.
Using sunscreens properly produces the best value.

6. Simplify your beauty routine.
People use too many things.

7. Wash your face.
Wash your face at night. Night creams are not necessary.

8. Rethink products that cost more than $30.00.
Do not pay for packaging, advertising and celebrity endorsements.

9. Moisturizers work when your skin is moist.
After a shower do not completely towel off before applying.

10. Powders are very effective for the active, sweaty person.
Powdering the feet and groin prior to sports is beneficial.

11. Keep hand creams at the kitchen sink area.
Use after dishes, cooking, wet work. Gloves are essential.

12. Be less dependent on triple antiobiotic ointments.
Many people are allergic to these products.