Kravitz and Henry 

Liquid Nitrogen Treatment For Warts

1. A blister may result in the majority of cases. The blister
   may be filled with clear fluid or blood. Do not be frightened.
   This is a normal response to therapy.

2. If the blister causes pain because of significant tension with 
    fluid, you may boil a needle for five minutes, wipe the blister
    and the needle with rubbing alcohol, puncture the
    blister. You may make several pin holes. Do not unroof the
    entire blister.

3. If any significant discomfort arises, cold compresses may
    be applied, also aspirin will help in most circumstances.

4. If the blister is broken by you or breaks on its own, soak it
    in warm tap water three to four times a day. Keep the area
    covered during the day with a “band-aid”.

5. If the treatment has been effective, the wart will usually
    disappear in about two to three weeks.

6. Should there be marked swelling, pain and redness at
    the site of treatment, please call my office for advice.