1: French Tip Finesse: Explore stunning nail designs for every event. From subtle to bold, we have it all!

2: Classic French Manicure: Timeless appeal and elegance in one look. Perfect for weddings and formal events.

3: Glitter Glam: Add sparkle to your nails for parties and celebrations. Get ready to shine!

4: Pastel Perfection: Soft hues for a sophisticated touch. Ideal for brunches and day outings.

5: Neon Nights: Bold and vibrant colors for a night out. Make a statement with these nail designs.

6: Floral Fantasy: Embrace nature with floral-inspired nail art. Perfect for spring and summer.

7: Animal Instincts: Channel your wild side with animal print nail designs. Stand out from the crowd!

8: Metallic Magic: Shine bright with metallic shades. Elevate your nails for special occasions.

9: Ombre Obsession: Gradient nails for a trendy look. Try this modern twist on French tip nails.