1: "NCIS Spinoff: Tony and Ziva Return" Loyal fans rejoice as Michael Weatherly and Cote de Pablo reunite in a thrilling new series.

2: "Coming Soon: Paramount's Newest Hit" Mark your calendars for June 2024 when Tony and Ziva make their highly anticipated return.

3: "A Fresh Start: New Missions Await" Join Tony and Ziva as they embark on exciting adventures, solving mysteries and catching criminals.

4: "Dynamic Duo: Partners in Crime" Witness the powerful chemistry between Tony and Ziva as they tackle cases with skill and determination.

5: "Action-Packed Episodes: Thrills Await" Get ready for heart-pounding moments and unexpected twists in every captivating episode.

6: "Reunited and Stronger Than Ever" Tony and Ziva are back and better than before, ready to take on any challenge that comes their way.

7: "Fan Favorites Return: A Nostalgic Journey" Step back into the world of NCIS with beloved characters Tony and Ziva leading the way.

8: "Emotional Depth: Relationships Explored" Watch as Tony and Ziva navigate the complexities of their partnership and personal connection.

9: "Stay Tuned: The Adventure Begins" Don't miss out on the excitement as Tony and Ziva return to your screens in June 2024.