1: Rare Bluey coin stirs controversy as prices skyrocket to 375 million. Aussies outraged by the absurdity.

2: Collectors scramble to get their hands on the elusive Bluey coin. Scandal erupts as values soar.

3: Price of Bluey coin continues to climb, sparking backlash from Australian community. Outrage grows louder.

4: Aussies united in condemning the exorbitant cost of the Rare Bluey coin. Calls for accountability.

5: Speculation surrounds the unprecedented surge in Bluey coin prices. Public demand for answers.

6: Rare Bluey coin controversy deepens as market frenzy intensifies. Critics label situation a disgrace.

7: Australians vow to boycott inflated Bluey coin market. Public outcry at record-breaking prices.

8: Bluey coin scandal sparks national debate on values and ethics in collecting. Outrage reaches fever pitch.

9: As controversy rages on, Rare Bluey coin remains at the center of heated debate. Aussie anger simmers.